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Simple FBA User Change Password Webpart makes FBA user password management very easy in Sharepoint 2010. Using this web part you can reset any FBA user password without old password and sending email.
This project is intended to provide a simple user password change web part for Form Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010. It is very simple and this is what makes it handy. Just add this as a webpart in your SharePoint site and make a little change in the web.config, that's all. You are all done to use it.


1. Open your FBA site Web.config file and add the following line in appSettings

   <add key="FBAProviderName" value="your Membership provider name" />

2. Check membership provider web.config entry.The entry should match the following values

     enablePasswordReset="true"   requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false"

3. Add and install the wsp package  

4. Activate the FBA Change Password feature 

5.Add the FBA Change Webpart in any SharePoint page and use it to get new password without email and old password.


Web Part

Change Password

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